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Konica 7075 Is Not Recognized as a Networked Printer

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Posted 14 January 2008 - 06:15 AM

Ladies & gentlemen:

Any assistance in this issue would be greatly appreciated. So in my office we have a Konica 7075 copier...this machine is a tank...an old one...but still a tank (75 ppm). My office manager has told me that they'd like this copier to be networked so that at very least everyone can print to it, possibly scan from it too. As far as what Konica tells her when she called (she called before i worked for the company), they tell her that she would need to pay them $3k for a print server for this thing, plus they'd have to come out and set it up. What I find interesting is that the copier has a NIC & a female db-25 (parallel) on the back side of it. Once I noticed the NIC I thought this was going to be gravy....nope. I plugged the copier into my network, and did IP scan after IP scan...all to find no new IPs/MAC addresses on my network at all. I looked through the menu on the copier to try to find ANY network settings, but thats a no-go. The copier does have different modes: Copier, Scanner/Server, Printer. When the mode selection button is hit, it navigates to Server where i get grayed out buttons and a "Scanner/Server Mode not availible" message. So i thought....uhh maybe the NIC is bad..? So i connected my laptop to the parallel port...hmm...no new device message...nothing. When I try to switch to 'printer' mode, it skips that mode and jumps back to copier...like the printer mode is not there...

I cant get this thing to recognize its exsistance anywhere. The only thing i can think is that maybe the reason behind them needed to come out and do the setup of the $3k print server (which is a Celeron) is that maybe theres some type of controller card that is necessary to have installed internally for this thing to work as a printer/scanner. I do remember reading something online that said that this model does have the NIC, but appearently doesn't support networking-I'm not happy about that, but at least it'd be a solid answer. My problem that still exsists is that even if it does have the NIC built-in and doesn't support networking...then why wouldn't the parallel port give me some type of acknowledgement?? I'd assume that if Konica were to come out and install this print server, that it would be connected via this parallel port. Again, any help in this situation woul be greatly appreciated. I know Konica REALLY wants us to just trade this copier in and upgrade, and yes this would save a ton of trouble...but thats another $15k that i'd like to avoid if possible. Oh yes, one more thing i forgot to mention was that i did manage to find a peice of software from Konica that is supposed to be a network print manager software for the Konica 7075 which quite literally just runs a batch everytime executed which starts a Konica Sharing Service(and even once this service is started I get no activity via parallel port plus the server mode section still says nothing.)

I'm sure i've left a few things out, any more information that is necessary please just ask and I'll try my very best to provide this info if it'll help out in finding a solution for this. Thanks again.

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Posted 24 January 2008 - 01:28 PM

Hello , I am new to this Community discussion and don't know the proper manners for a reply ...apologies in advance, no offense/impoliteness intended.

The Konica 7075 is a Robust and very dependable copier if maintained properly. My job includes maintaining 7 Konica 7075/7085 copiers at a small print shop/specialty book production shop. In 20 Years as copier repair tech and service manager, this is the most reliable and servicable copier I have ever seen.

Now to your problem.. The port on the rear of the copier is NOT a printer port,it is for software upload/flashing of copier bios.... do not connect to it .

The copier requires a computer (Called IP-601) and a interface board Don't know part number off top of my head.
there is a Fiery controller available for this copier also... but you still need the interface board.

instillation is fairly simple .. install board - set software switch so copier will see ip unit - install driver on computer - set ip address in ip unit or use parallel cable to ip unit (not best solution in network environment).

the cable from ip-601 ( ip = image processor unit) IS A FIREWIRE cable

The bad news is that the ip unit and board are not easy to come by.... best purchased used. 3K is a bit steep for a price but not outrageous.

the copier should last to at least 6 million prints. (Check meter inside top left door) All of our copiers 7075/7085's have between 3.5 to 6.5 Million prints and still work flawlessly.... average 5,000 copies between jams in duplex mode. Copies are Great ... even half tones.

if copier service techs can service copier properly investing in ip unit is good idea... you may check into hard drive and memory upgrade for copier also.

if i can be of further assistance please let me know

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Posted 26 January 2008 - 03:32 PM

Hi Howescm and welcome to PCWorld. :-)

I have changed your Discussion title to give a clearer indication of your question. For future reference, please be as descriptive as possible in both the heading of your Discussion as well as the post itself.

HiTechRedneck said:

I am new to this Community discussion and don't know the proper manners for a reply


Hi HiTech. Thank you for your thorough suggestion to Howescm's situation. Since you have your email address within your signature, you do not have to post it within each message you submit. Every post you submit will show your signature.

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