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Got Screwed By Tracfone...any Ideas On How To Fix?

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Posted 19 January 2010 - 01:30 PM

ok...so the story. I got a TracFone for Christmas, and used it for a while...and then I decided to switch to another (slightly older) model, since it offered more features. So I called TracFone, set up a number transfer, and here's what happened:

New TracFone: 466.xx Minutes (about 30 service days left)
Old TracFone: 771.00 Minutes (about 217 service days left)

Received replacement SIM Card in mail for the new phone.
Called TracFone to finish number transfer.
My minutes and service days were added to the minutes and service days on my new phone. (-71 minutes out of total)
Before I got off the phone with TracFone, 466 minutes where taken out of the balance, and ALL my service days where erased.
Called TracFone again...and spent an hour and a half on the phone. End Result:
466 minutes where added to my new phone. And NONE of my service days.

Any suggestions on how to get this fixed??

I've emailed them...and called of course. But the problem is, I can't prove my story. I called again 5 minutes after I lost my minutes, but with no result. They apparently couldn't figure out why I lost my service days and minutes, and didn't want to compensate me. The weird thing is, why did I get minutes??? If they didn't believe me...why did they give me extra minutes?? And if they do believe me, why not the service days?? Btw, the agent offered to give me 90 service days along with my minutes...and I said sure, but asked if there was any way of getting the rest of them back. And she went to talk with her supervisor, and came back and told me I could have any of my service days left. So...not sure how to get my minutes back.

All my airtime purchases were made online, so it would be easy to validate if necessary. Assuming they actually keep records :P but I don't have any receipts. Didn't think I'd need them at the time :P (lesson learned there btw)

So...like I said, any suggestions lol??

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